Our world revolves around music. No matter what we are doing, there is a soundtrack to it. We live to create music and we want to create music with you.

Studio ’71 is welcoming new and existing artists and bands in Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world if you wish to work remotely.

S 71 has your back from the moment we listen to your demo until we are popping the Champagne for your release.

S 71 adds all music created at our studios, into our Spotify and YouTube playlists giving you instant access to our followers and listeners.

Original Costa Rica is our playlist on Spotify showcasing music
produced by Artists, Bands and producers residing in Costa Rica.

One of our goals is to develop the original music scene in Costa Rica into a collaborative and self supporting community. We welcome bands and artists to record new music, rehearse live performances and take that new music out on the road.