Life is a series of experiences and most of them happen by chance. Studio ’71 connects you with incredible experiences in Costa Rica, which has some of the most amazing and unique adventures you will never forget. Here is our signature and most popular experience in Costa Rica.

Castillo de Lilo | Historical Sunset Tour

Everyone loves a great sunset, and the best sunsets in Costa Rica are right here at Castillo de Lilo, 2000ft above the Pacific Ocean, overlooking Las Catalinas Islands.

Take the best sunset you have ever seen and add a historical tour through Castillo de Lilo that will stir your emotions and you have an experience that will become the highlight of your vacation.

The story behind Castillo de Lilo is not well known, creating mystery and intrigue for every new visitor. As you move from room to room, floor to floor pieces of the Castle’s origins come to light until you reach the roof terrace where you can witness a truly amazing 360 degree sunset experience, enhanced with gourmet Canapés and Aperitif’s.

Following the sunset experience and making your way back down through the Castle, the tour is not quite over. A stop in the Castle’s museum puts the finishing touches on its history and is the crescendo of your Castillo de Lilo experience.

Tour Details | $125 pp

4:30 | Arrive at Castillo de Lilo
4:30 to 5:00 | Tour the Castle
5:00 to 6:30 | Sunset Experience*
6:30 to 7:00 | Tour the Castle & Museum
7:30 | Depart Castillo de Lilo

*Unlimited Canapés & Alcohol

Castillo de Lilo | Sunset Experience


Castillo de Lilo Tours are by appointment only. We can provide you with a private transfer to and from Castillo de Lilo. Please contact us with your group size to get a transfer quote.

If you have purchased the experience please connect with us so we can complete your reservation.